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Jan 03, 2014 at 04:20 PM

BNKA Upload for USA using BAUP transaction in SAP



We are downloding and getting a files from Federal Reserve Financial Services website .

Once we get these files, Using the Transaction : BAUP, we are trying to upload the file contents to SAP HR.

We are doing this for country US i.e USA.

Once I ran the transaction - BAUP ,I'm getting the message data loaded successfully but when I went to BNKA table .nothing got update/it got updated incorrectly.

I have debugged the Report - RFBVALL_0 upto my best and attached are my observations.

Could anyone provide me some inputs/breakthrough how I can deal/solve this issue.

Thanks a lot for understanding and support in advance!


Sreeram Kumar Madisetty


bnka.png (76.4 kB)