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Jan 02, 2014 at 04:12 PM

MessageTransformBean tab as fieldSeparator


I have a working PI process which builds a CSV based file for upload to a third party SFTP site, however they vendor has requested that I provide a tab-delimited file (tsv) rather than comma delimited (csv).

I am unable to determine how to specify a tab character as the fieldSeparator. I have tried a literal tab, a literal tab within single quotes, \t, '\t', 't', 'tab', 'tb', and am unable to find a working mechanism.

The closest I've come has been to include a literal tab within single quotes but the system includes the single quotes. If I omit the quotes, the Integration Directory UI appears to truncate the contents of the cell and the communication channel complains of a missing fieldSeparator.

Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this?