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Jan 02, 2014 at 01:28 PM

SAP HR - How to Give access to expats and Impats PERNR through a structural profil ?


Dear all,

I have some difficulties to make a structural profil to give access to employee (P) through Central Person (CP)

In our Company, some employees are expatriates to another country.

These employees have two pernr.

One pernr for expatriate.

One pernr for impatriate.

These pernr are linked with the Central person (relationship A209/B209)

The HR users have geographical perimeter. (Derivation by country)

When a employee is impatriate to host country, The local HR user request to access to the expatriate Folder (PA30) of this employee, but this folder is out of the HR perimeter.

I created a new role, a new structural profil and the evalution path below :

Object Relationship Priority Rel.Object.type


O B 003 Incorporates * S

S A 008 Holder * P

P A 209 Is filled by * CP

CP B 209 Has employment contract 1 P

When I launch the programs RHBAUS02 and RHBAUS00

In the result (HRAUTH), I have all the objects for Central Person.

I have the Impatriate pernr.

But I don't have the expatriate pernr.

I have the first PERNR

O B 003 Incorporates * S --> OK

S A 008 Holder * P --> OK

I have the impatriate PERNR

CP B 209 Has employment contract 1 P --> OK

But I don't have the expatriates PERNR

CP B 209 Has employment contract 1 P --> KO

In the transaction PP01 or PPSS, I am able to see the relationships between CP and P (or P to CP)

In the PPOSE, the first PERNR and the expatriate are not in the same view.

I am not sure if this is the problem, and I don't know how to give access to expatriate pernr.

Have you ever had this issue.

Have you any advices to help me ?

Thanks in advance.