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Treasury Interest Calculation

Jan 17, 2017 at 06:20 AM


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I am creating a fixed deposit assume start date is 01.03.2017 and end term date is 31.03.2017, actually this should appear as 31Days but its appearing and calculating for only 30days. e.g. principle 100,000 and ROI 4% end for 31 days interest should get 339.73 but system calculating 328.77 (30days only).

How to get it Act+1 day, I tried with other options Act/366 but system is picking for only 30days.

Appreciate your suggestion on this. Thanks



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Grigoriy Babitskiy Jan 17, 2017 at 10:39 AM


According to the rules, you have start day, end day. But you can include only one day - either start, or end day in interest calculation.

For deposit (51A product type) start day is alsways inclusive. As you entered 31.03 as end date - it is exclusive!

Check flow type 1200 on Cash flow tab: 30.03 is inclusive.

Check article for input help and try this one:

Enter insted 31.03 -> +31 (it means add 31 days to start date)

If you check cash flow tab again, 1200 flow tab - 31.03 will be inclusive, and 01.04 exclusive. And you'll have your 31 days.

Always remember the rule: only one date is inclusive in interest calculation. Either start date or end date.

For 51A product type - start date is always inclusive.

For 55A product type - you can dicide what date is inclusive. Field "Inclusive" under End date.

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