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Dec 30, 2013 at 06:32 AM

MAP in Case of Negative Stock?



Let me describe it.

I have material with negative stock active

I have initial stock of 50 and price is 10 with price control "V' Total stock Value is 500 .

When i issue 100 quantity to production then material stock will show 50- & total stock value 500- & MAP 10 Only.

Now i will create a PO with quantity 200 and price 15 and i will do GR for 200 quantity.

Now what price it will update in material master....

MAP update 15, it is correct or wrong.

How it will update what all the data from material master pulled at the of MAP Calculations for Negative.

My Calculation 1.

After new GR

MAP = (Total Value old + Gr value) / (Total stock old + GR quantity).

MAP = (-500+3000)/(-50+200)


MAP New Value = 16.66

My Calculation 2.

MAP =(0+3000)/(0+200)


MAP New Value = 15

"Negative Stock Activated Materials for MAP Calculation Data pulled is Zero"