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Dec 27, 2013 at 03:45 PM

BAPI not returning values when used in ABAP code


Hello Gurus,

I am using BAPISDORD_GETDETAILEDLIST in my code to fetch Partner Address and Name. For that, I have passed values as below:

ls_bapi_view-PARTNER = 'X'.

ls_sales_documents-VBELN = Sales order number.

Append ls_sales_documents to lt_sales_documents.

And then execute the function in SE37, it returns value in order_partners_out and order_address_out.

But when I am calling this FM in my code and passing same values, it is not returning anything. Below are the declarations, I have written:

ls_bapi_view LIKE order_view,

lt_sales_documents TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF sales_key,

ls_sales_documents like LINE OF lt_sales_documents,

lt_order_partners_out TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapisdpart,

ls_order_partners_out like LINE OF lt_order_partners_out,

ls_order_address_out like bapisdcoad,

lt_order_address_out TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapisdcoad.

I somehow feel the problem is with the declarations. Please anyone can just try it, it is very easy and put some light on the resolution.


Maninder SA