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Dec 27, 2013 at 07:55 AM

BPC Legal Consolidation Roll Up in Group


Dear Experts,

I would like to ask about the behaviors in the BPC Consolidation Monitor.

I have investigated that all transaction data that are consolidated are copied from the No Group/No Scope Group member into the respective Group where the data are consolidated.

For example if I have hierarchy of Core_Group with Subs_Group1 and Subs_Group2 as its children (maintained in PARENT_GROUP property), when we want to consolidate in Core_Group, it will copy the data with G_None (No Group/No Scope) dimension member instead of rolling up from its children (Subs_Group1 and Subs_Group2).

This behavior is undesirable by our clients. Sometimes they want to post manual journals directly into Group level (Subs_Group1 or Subs_Group2) after it is consolidated in the respective group. Then when they want to consolidate the data in the Core_Group, they want the manual journal that they already post in Subs_Group1 and Subs_Group2 to be rolled up into the Core_Group automatically without the need of copying the journal from each children group into their parent.

Is this behavior can be developed in the BPC 10 Netweaver version? We are using the consolidation monitor which is pretty standard by SAP so we don't really know if this roll up behavior can be configured.


Siswono Tjia