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Dec 27, 2013 at 05:39 AM

SAP Webdispatcher - Reverse Proxy Configuration


Hi All,

Need your help in configuration SAP Webdispatcher as reverse proxy. Currently we are using Apache as reverse proxy, but we are facing 400 Bad Request error and not able to solve the issue.

So We are planning to install Webdispatcher and configure reverse proxy and test.

Below is the Apache Reverse proxy configuration. Need help in configuring the same parameters in SAP Webdispatcher

ProxyPass /sap http://srmerver:8000/sap

ProxyPass /SRM-MDM http://mdmserver:50100/SRM-MDM

ProxyPass /mdmimages http://portalserver:8090/mdmimages

ProxyPass /irj http://portalserver:50100/irj

ProxyPass /saml2 http://portalserver:50100/saml2

ProxyPass / http://portalserver:50100/ 

ProxyPassReverse /sap http://srmserver:8000/sap

ProxyPassReverse /SRM-MDM http://mdmserver:50100/SRM-MDM

ProxyPassReverse /mdmimages http://portalserver:8090/mdmimages

ProxyPassReverse /irj http://portalserver:50100/irj

ProxyPassReverse /saml2 http://portalserver:50100/saml2

ProxyPassReverse / http://portalserver:50100/