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Dec 26, 2013 at 02:53 AM

Data packet issue with ZVIEW


Dear Experts,

I have created a Z view in R3 sever, In that view nearly 2,55,00,000 records are there. But I need conditional data from the VIEW data.

Material, Plant, Movement type , Posting date are used in CMOD code for the condition.

If Material and Plant is same in our extractor structure and the View and check the (If movement type =101 then sort BUDAT and pick the MAX date Record else movement type =201 agian sort on BUDAT and pick the Max date record is the requirement).

In this case cmode code is working fine and getting max date by checking one material one plant combination in RSA3. But when ever Executing the Info package with same material plant I am getting 2 data packets with 2 records(1 records with max date from 1 data packet and 2nd records with max date from 2nd data packet data).

Here as per my analysis while executing the info package, CMOD code is executing by Packet by packet there by I am getting for each material ,Plant combination more then one record.(based on data packets its repeating).

I need to get only one record from ZVIEW with 1 material and 1 plant combination. If complete data will coe in one data packet will get resolve my issue but 2 crores of records wants to come under single packet.

Please help on this issue,

Thanks & Regards,