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Dec 25, 2013 at 06:34 PM

what is the significant and technical difference for DSO in Hana and non hana RDBMS



Could you please give me clarity on what is the significant and technical difference between DSO in BW on Hana DB and DSO on non-hana RDBMS DB?

Because, I often gets confused and couldn't get any significant difference although I read the following document:

We migrated BW on Oracle RDBMS system to Hana DB System(Netweaver 7.30) and we have SP 9.

We had recently converted certain DSO's from Hana optimized to standard optimized DSO using the conversion program given in the above link. We faced some issues during such conversion and implemented correction notes which made DSO's to be converted to standard optimized DSO's.

Though SAP Note 1849497/98 suggests such explanation on hana optimized DSO's, I would like to understand how does such hana optimized DSO's behaves in Hana and other RDBMS(eg: oracle)system regarding it's activation table, changelog and activation queue table.; regarding it's behavior, performance etc.;

Kindly suggest.


Antony Jerald.