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Dec 25, 2013 at 02:14 AM

SAP Portal Namespace_filter KM question



I have a requirement where i need to filter out the KM documents based on his/her userid. IF the login user id matches the name of the document in kM folder, I need to show , if not hide the document. The goal is to user should see his document only but not others.

I do not want to setup KM folders for each user and configure ACLs, that is too much administration efforts involved. The approach i am looking is all the documents are stored in KM folder, apply filter on that KM folder. the job of the filter should be check the login user, if the portal user id matches to the file name, show the document if not hide the document.

Example:if login userid : JOHNS , FIle name as: JOHNS_1234_343454.PDF , in this case user JOHNS should see the file in KM folder

if login userud : JOEL , in this case JOEL should not see any file in KM folder.

So far:

Created a Java project:, two clasess,,,

I think only implementing the filter method in should sufficient, Please suggest a piece of code snippet two meet my requirement.