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Dec 23, 2013 at 07:35 AM

Problem installing B1 9.0 Hana DatabaseV69



I have a problem installing the Hana Database V69 Database on a Fujistu server.

Whether I install from the graphical front end or a command prompt the install never finishes, it just hangs on "Creating system", screen shot attached

When I reboot the server and run the Hana studio all the services are running ( apart from the script service which is not listed ) and the lights are on green

It complains about the SYSTEM login password being incorrect, I have entered that in again in the properties but it still doesn't like it

I have checked all the linux libraries are up to date and uninstalled Hana and then reinstalled it, but it still hangs on the install

Not sure if anyone else has had a similar problem / suggest anything ?

Any suggestions warmly received !

Happy Christmas

Regards Andy


hanaupg69.JPG (91.6 kB)