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Dec 23, 2013 at 06:48 AM

CADO Approved Manhours, and Confirmations Not Matching.


I have a peculiar situation.

There are 1000 Approved Manhours reflecting in CADO Report.

After Running CAT5 for those 1000 Approved Manhours we see only 100 Confirmed.

The Rest 900 Approved Manhours must have gone to the Error Log due to some reason.

Hence, While We check COFC, and CN30, for the Network No, We do not find the remaining 900 Approved Manhours in the Error Logs.

On Repeated runs of CAT5, we still don't see any postings to the WBS. ( WBS is budgeted and Released to the Quantity of Manhours).

If the Approved Manhours are not being posted or not even considered post CAT5, and not even found in the Error Log, How is it possible then to

detect what the problem is with those unposted Approved Manhour Records.