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Dec 23, 2013 at 05:55 AM

Script logic


Hi BPC Folks,

I have a requirement to loop the master data with multiple conditions in the scoping of data in script logic file. I need to refer the customer and product dimensions and loop thru 2 conditions.

1. We need to consider only Hierarchy node level 2 for Products and customer should be only for USA customers(Customer dimension has property of Country filter thru the property)

2. We need to consider all products with NON US customers

I know how to refer master data in the script logic *WHEN_REF_DATA=MASTER_DATA. But i am looking to loop the customer and product master data and then scope as

IF Products = Node level 2 and Customer = US

end if.


IF Products = ALL and Customer = NON US

end if.

How to acheive this?