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Dec 22, 2013 at 04:31 PM

Delivery date problem in Third party sales to Purchase request



i spent hours researching this issue though i found similar problems but not one signal solution in this forum or other ones .

i am not a sales expert consultant ,i am an MM consultant and since third party sales is crossed with MM , i need help to fix an issue am facing.

when i create a third party sales order the system used the requested delivery date as today`s

at 22.12.2013 and thus when i enter the material the purchase order scheduling gives me an option for a new confirmation date in the future lets say (17.2.2014) based on entry on the info record that i maintained earlier .

whether i choose complete delivery or partial delivery it will not matter but i choose complete delivery anyway for the qty and the new future date.

after saving the sales order SAP creates a new PR . - i checked the schedule line and its correct with the new date 17.2.2013

Now the problem is that SAP generates PR with a delivery date of today 22.12.2013 , and that is wrong . sine i have filled all the master data for planned delivery time Gr time and even the RPL time in the material MRP view

the system still creates the PR with today's date and not the confirmed date in the sales order ?

i have read notes 210455

i`ve checked the sales document configuration and the lead time is not maintained in VOV8.

i`ve checked all the master date entries and maintained a purchasing info record for that material with a fixed vendor and planned delivery time.

i need the confirmation date in the sales order to move to the delivery date in the PR and thus PO .