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Dec 22, 2013 at 11:24 AM

Why ME84 does not insert a value in release date in table EKEK


Dear all,

This forum is in reference to “Why MIGO-GR in subcon with SA keep hitting Message no M7022” posted previously.

If possible the bad result came back again..The following is my initial delivery shedule after MRP run.

Next, I perform the release of the delivery schedule via ME84, the following Release Date value appear on table EKEK

The 6 pcs is able to appear automatically when I tried to perform GR of the subcontracting stock.
Goods receipt is able to perform successfully.

Material Document generated and posted

The delivery schedule line of 6pcs no longer appear in the SA (which is correct because the total 6pcs of delivery schedule is fulfilled).

Now, I manually adding in the two delivery schedule line via ME38.

Next I went to run ME84 on 22.12.2013

The EKEK table, for some reason, does not insert the Release Date as 22.12.2013

As a result of the above, when I try to create MIGO posting, the quantity (i.e. 8pcs) does not appear automatically

Hence, I manually put in 8pcs, and my previous error message which I posted on previous forum still appear (i.e. Message no. M7022).

I think the root problem is why Release of ME84 is not able to insert a date value in the “Release Date” field in table EKEK?
My previous release of ME84 is able to generate a value on the Release Date field in table EKEK.
But it is not possible this time around?
Should there is a value in the Release Date after the ME84, the MIGO will successfully default the delivery schedule line quantity and error mentioned above will note appear.

Do you know why?



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ME84.jpg (101.5 kB)
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P6.jpg (129.1 kB)
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