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Former Member
Dec 22, 2013 at 07:56 AM

Error For Variable.


Hi Experts,

I want to develop one variable, for which i am facing error...needs your advise

below is my scenario

Material Amount Required Field amount/total (variable i am facing error)

a 50 50/100 ?

b 30 30/100 ?

c 20 20/100 ?

Total 100

What i did, i created one variable name it X were i put sum(amount) and for my required field i created another formula name it Y which is (amount/X)

but once i place it in the required field it is dividing the data on line item wise, hence giving me a required values as 1 for all the line item.

How can we obtain the required field were each line item amount is getting divided with the total i.e 100 ?

giving the required fields as

Material Amount Required Field

a 50 0.5

b 30 0.3

c 20 0.2

Total 100

I hope i am clear with my requirement. 😊