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Dec 22, 2013 at 07:26 AM

SAP Standard Leave Request Mobile Application Configuration


Hi All,

I have some doubts regarding the configuration of standard apps in SAP.Example Leave Request.Once i have installed it in my mobile device i have to fill the following details in settings page.

1)What is the difference between SUP Login Credentials and Login Credentials in the settings page.I assume that SUP Login credentials is the new user connection which we registers in the SMP Control Center.But i don't know the second user credentials.

2) In the SMP Control Center we have to register this new application (in this case SAP Leave Request)so i went with registering a new application in the application settings in the Control Center.Is there any standard documentation for each of these applications that can be used to fill the below settings for the standard apps.And what is the application End Point and for standard apps like these the standard sdk will be REST API or ODATA or HYBRID APP!!!

Thanks In Advance,

Bince Mathew C