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Dec 22, 2013 at 03:03 AM

Counting the records in transformation routine.


Hello Guys,

I have some weird requirement i have one dso like A which have keys Visitid, Tour id, doc no and doc item. So the data for this dso can be:

Visit id Tourid DocNo DocItem

1004 11 001 10

1004 11 002 20

1004 11 003 10

1005 12 004 30

1005 12 005 40.

Now we are taking visitid and tourid in start routine and checking if the combination is present in another dso if yes then we are updating the keyfigure with 1 otherwise 0.

Now with above data we will have 1 to all first three records I want some thing like eventhough i have three records for keys combination in dso it should populate 1 to keufigure based upon visitid and tourid. Like for above frst three reocrd, keyfigure should be updated with 1 only once based upon unique combination of visitid and tourid.