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Dec 21, 2013 at 12:44 PM

SO number in dynamic selection (QA32)


Hello Gurus,

In dynamic selection of QA32, there is an input field Sales order under Sales and distribution. If I enter a sales order number here and execute, I do not see any inspection lot. But removing the SO number and then executing, system returns me several inspection lot.

Exploring SCN for similar queries, I found this

It is mentioned that putting SO number under Appraisal cost - Sales order instead of Sales and Distribution- Sales order would return the inspection lots. I did run a check and it is working.

Now coming to my basic query:

  • What does system do in back ground that it does not give inspection lots in first case but return the results if other selection is chosen?
  • Has it something to do with Config settings of QM or SD??
  • How do system respond to this field (SO under Appraisal cost) for returning the inspection lots against SO number?

What I know that Appraisal cost are related to QM costing and I have never worked with this functionality so I don't know much about it.

My purpose of finding inspection lots against SO number in solved in a way but I'm not able to understand the logic behind it. I'm expecting an appropriate explanation.

Pl note: This applies to 04 inspection lot (does not cover 05 or 06)