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Dec 21, 2013 at 09:46 AM

To post accounting document from Billing document.


Hello Friends,

I need your help with regards to resolve below specified issue.

1) Due to some mishandling of delivery document , cumulative netweight and cumulative gross weight became negative. Delivery document was issued without any problem and invoice document was created and accounting document was released as well.

2) But negative values also transfeered to billing document. Fields at billing documents are net weight and gross weight.

These fields should not be negative as required.Because of this negative values at billing document ,it is not possible to open the invoice document as It throws dump.

3) There is a std report "WSLIPSKC" available already which can correct the negative values at delivery and report suggests to cancel the invoice and recreate it.

4) I have used the report. Delivery values were corrected. When i cancelled the invoice , system created cancelled invoice but that invoice still had negative values on it. But accounting document is not cleared because now the closed period ( last month). We cant open this cancelled invoice to change the posting date as it throws dump because of the negative values.

i cant open the last month period to post accounting document.

Please suggest how can i post the accounting document now.