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Dec 20, 2013 at 11:11 PM

Error in EG50: Equipment status does not allow installation


Hi Experts,

I have a scenario where we perofrmed a meter exchange through a program and turns out that the wrong device was installed.

Now we are trying to reverse that excahnge:

1. We do a billing related removal as of the activity (or replacement date) which works fine.

2. Then we do a Reversal of technical installation as of the activity (or replacement date) using transaction EG50/ EG51. When I enter the device (which was wrongly installed and therefore now needs to be removed) it gives me the error - "Equipment Status does not allow installation".

This is standard SAP message IA021 but its not used anywhere in the program for EG50/ 51. Can there be an issue with goods movement? Any ideas/ hints/ have any one of you encountered similar situation before?


Prajakt Dhumal