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Dec 20, 2013 at 09:44 PM




One of our customers is making a synchronous call to this BAPI which is a wrapped around BAPI_PO_CREATE via PI. The issue that they are facing is when the PO comes in with split accounting information, it could potentially have 5 decimal values for the distribution percentage field. Now when we try to replicate this issue on our landscape (we are testing on ECC5.0, ECC6.0), we are not getting the same error as what the customer is facing.

The quantity for this line item is 48 and they are split by quantity into 19/10/19 and the percentage split is 39.58333, 20.83333 and 39.58333

Here is the error they are getting:

ERPPushFailPurgeStateERPPushFailTimeCreatedERPPushFailTimeUpdatedERPPushFailBaseId Number In Set = 1

Error Message = Unable to execute SAP Get; Caused by: Number 39.58 cannot be encoded as a BCD of length 3 with 1 decimal places at field DISTR_PERC

Now my question is - is there any functional configuration that lets us reproduce the issue that customer is facing. I am guessing there is a tolerance configuration that is in place that is causing it to not fail in our landscape.

Any thoughts/ suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.