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Former Member
Dec 20, 2013 at 07:48 PM

Webi Processing Server crashing/restarting


BI 4.1, SP1, Patch 2 (Windows/Tomcat)

Running into intermittent error messages of the ERR_WIS_30270 variety when using Webi, and eventually WIReportServer.exe on the app server crashes and restarts. (This causes additional problems on the client PC when the "auto-save" timeout ends and the user's browser tries to save the report [fail] hundreds of times per minute.)

So far have tried, none have worked:

Setting all servers to run on static ports

Creating a second Webi APS (both running, for redundancy)

Creating a second Webintelligenceprocessingserver (same)

Adjusting Xms, XmX, and MaxPermSize parameters on Webi APS

Adjusting JTCss size on Webintelligenceprocessingserver

Unchecking "Use LOV Cache" on the Webintelligenceprocessingserver

Creating a duplicate SIA with all new servers and running from those

Occurs with small or large reports. Does not matter whether they were migrated from XI3.1 or created new in 4.1. Also does not matter whether I am running reports via the web or in the Rich Client, I see the same behavior. And occasionally, the Rich Client will crash on my local PC.

I have an open support case and have searched and read through every pertinent article I could find, but have not seen anything that matches these symptoms yet.

Has anyone else had similar trouble? Is there anything else I can try (aside from hoping newer patches will work)?