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Dec 20, 2013 at 01:55 PM

Change in capacity utilization for IT 0007, workflow is updating payscale group in IT 0008 wrongly.


Hi Experts,

We have a scenario to be implemented as below but we are not able to meet it completely:

* Form is being raised on 10.12.2013 from portal to change capacity utilization in IT 0007, dated from 01.12.2013 to 23.12.2013 and request is pending for approval in manager's UWL (Change in Capacity utilization in IT -0007 would update IT 0008 with same CU)

* Pay progression action is called from 15.12.2013 and It 0008 gets updated with payscale group P5 , earlier it was P4.

* Once Manager approves Form raised by user to change capacity utilization on date 18.12.2013 , workflow updates It 0007 and It 0008 with new capacity utilization however Payscale group P4 is getting updated - Change in pay scale group while pay progression(P5) gets wiped out , means workflow is updating It 0008 with same payscle group which was there in It 0008 at the time user has raised form to change capacity utilization(From portal).

Now my concern is , since workflow is catching and storing data of It 0007 and 0008 in its cache for the active record when Form was raised ( 10.12.2013) and hence when workflow gets completed after manager's approval , IT -0008 records gets updated considering data stored in workflow cache hence pay progession change is getting wiped out.

By any chance, can workflow checks active record effective on the date when manager approve's the request by user.

or Can workflow just store data for capacity utilization field only in its cache not pay scale group because we do not want payscale group to be touched while changing capacity utilization.

I know my requirement seems to be huge in words but for experts it could be small - looking forward for your inputs.

Many thanks,.