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Former Member
Dec 20, 2013 at 10:17 AM

System status based on MIC: UD ICCO & LTIN


Hi Experts,

I have a query. I have made an inspection plan with around ten MICs. Suppose 7 of them are Optional and other 3 are Required.

When the user is doing result recording and saving UD, system status is getting changed to UD ICCO.

My query is

  • If three ‘Required’ MICs are once valuated and other seven, which are optional, are left or no value entered, system status would change to UD ICCO after UD.
  • If any three required MICs are not valuated or result not entered, irrespective of the entries made in Optional MICs, system status would changed to LTIN RREC.

Basically, users find it difficult to reset the UD ICCO inspection lot to modify the results. Does SAP changes the system status on the basis of ‘Required’ MICs? If Long term, but required MICs are left, system would change it to LTIN. And when they are valuated, it would change it to UD ICCO.

Is it the standard SAP behaviour? So that I can convince the users.

Or some settings are responsible for this?? Pl note all the MICs are set for Long term inspection in control indicators.