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Former Member
Dec 20, 2013 at 07:22 AM

Deviation from Standred Schdule line


The scnerio is

1 CAS= 30 SKU, Order needs to be created and delivered in CAS only (i.e multiples of 30)

while creating order its taking in multiples of only and system is confirgured for it ,

But for back order when we go and add stock manually and confirm the schdule line, schdule line are not confirming in multiples of 30 or as per CAS,

Now delivery is cretaed with whatever schdule lines are confirming ,Now client dont want broken packs to be delivered, and if customer is eligible for partial delivery they are receing broken packs

Can anyone please help me if you have faced similar situvation before


1= CAS= 30SKU

if order is 180 and schdule line is confirming only 116.

Delivery will be created for broken packs

i.e. 3 full CAS and one broken pack with 26 SKU.

Please let me know If there is any way we can configure schdule line when availabily check happens for back order.