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Former Member
Dec 19, 2013 at 07:17 PM

Process Chain: "Connect With" missing third option (Always)


We have several process chains we are maintaining. I have been tasked to modify a process chain. It is a meta chain (chain of other chains). One of the nodes (chains) in the metachain calls four additional nodes (chains), and I have to change the connection (green arrow) to "Always" from "Successful". However, when I right click and remove the link, then attempt to recreate the link, I only have two options: successful and errors. There is no third option for Always.

Why is this the case? Is there some setting on the parent or child node that prohibits the third option from being available? If so, how do I troubleshoot and change the setting? Is there a setting someplace else that is suppressing this third option? I have attempted to create links in other chains, and the third option is available on those. I haven't been able to find any documentation online that discusses this.