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Dec 19, 2013 at 03:24 PM

Can /TMWFLOW/SCMA_BTCH_SYNC_TEST be used for non-ABAP systems?


We are using the program /TMWFLOW/SCMA_BTCH_SYNC_TEST to schedule transports that have been imported into our primary test systems into our secondary test systems, several times per day. This has been working fine for us for a few years now for our ABAP systems, but it is not working for our non-ABAP (portal) systems. The error we are getting in the job log is:

Job started

Step 001 started (program /TMWFLOW/SCMA_BTCH_SYNC_TEST, variant XXXX, user ID XXXX)

Parameters PROJECT SYSTEM CLIENT must not be empty when the report starts

Job finished

I understand that the client field is mandatory, but portals do not have clients, so I entered the SID of the portal system and left the client blank. We are running SolMan 7.1 SP5.

Has anyone gotten this report to run for non-ABAP systems, and if so, which system/client information do you use for the report variant?