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Former Member
Dec 19, 2013 at 03:17 PM

Conditional Section Supression Not Working



I am new to CR and I am working my way through the exercises in the documentation. I am on page 206 and am trying to conditionally suppress sections in my form letter. I am using the Xtreme.mdb sample database. I have the Customer and Credit tables linked in my project.

I have one details section that I am trying to suppress when {Credit.Amount} > 1500.0; and then another section that should be suppressed when {Credit.Amount} <= 1500.0;

Regardless of the amount I am always seeing the first section, when {Credit.Amount} > 1500.0, even when the credit value is < 1500.00?

I am using the section expert and put the statement in the formula section beside Suppress (No Dirll-Down).



ScreenCapture.jpg (21.8 kB)