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Dec 19, 2013 at 01:57 PM

Logic required......


Hi Expets

Hi Experts,

I need one logic to be diplayed in query level,ie

for one batch there may be n no of lots with different created date

for ex : records will look like

Batch No InspectionLotNo Created Date A 1 10.11.2012 A 2 11.11.2012 A 4 13.11.2012 A 3 12.11.2012 B 4 14.11.2012 B 3 13.11.2012 B 1 11.11.2012 B 2 10.11.2012

So in query level, I need last 10 records for particular batch based on descending datewise or Inspection Lot no wise.

we are instructed not to use conditions

Please help me to acheive this logic