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Former Member
Dec 19, 2013 at 11:04 AM

BEx: non-cumulative and cumulative key figures & exemption aggregation


Hi BEx experts

We have a multiprovider containing an infocube with non-cumulative key figures (stocks) and one cube with cumulative key figures.

The query itself is designed with 0COMP_CODE, 0CFM_SEC_ID and 0FS_PRD_TP. There is no time characteristic in the drill down.

The exemption aggregations "last value" and "max value" are referenced to 0CALDAY.

After executing the query all key figures are calculated correctly.

If you draw 0CALDAY into the query all key figures except the ones calculated by exemption aggregation get not filled.

I have checked the appropriate infocubes and must state that there effectively are values for 0CALDAY available.

Is this a standard behaviour? We have BW 7.31.



Capture.JPG (60.7 kB)