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Dec 19, 2013 at 11:19 AM

Error in Calling External Function



We are migration PowerBuilder Legacy application which is currently built on PB11 and Win XP environment.

Migrating to PowerBuilder 12.5 (12.5.2 Build 5602) Classic for Windows 7.

We are using DLLs which is developed in VC++.

Migration is smooth using the Automated Migration Tool provided by PowerBuilder.

When we tried to run the application getting a error "Error In calling the external function.....", which is declared in Local External Functions and error occured on Function call.

I wrote a sample program to call the DLLs and I declared in Global External Functions (Not Intentionally 😊)... Strange I was getting a different error "Bad Runtime reference....", I build the sample application and Ran it in Release mode It worked fine.

Can anyone help me what is happening and will be greatful if anyone could help me in resolving the issue.

Running the application Deployed in PB11 is working fine in Win 7 on this DLL Perspective.

-- Declaration --

Function Integer encrypt(String InputData, String EncKey, String SeedIn, ref string Encrypteddata) library "CRYPTDLL.dll" alias for "encrypt;Ansi"

-- Error While calling below line --

li_rtn = encrypt(ls_pwd, ls_key, ls_seed, ls_encpwd)