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Dec 19, 2013 at 10:18 AM

Batch management, QM, serial numbering, Cut-over - stock load


i have a question regarding cut-over activities. Our materials have, batches, serial numbers, QM and ECM. I will ECM out of scope here, but i hope you can help me with the rest. We are going to merge two plants and this had some consequences.

Stock load in to the new plant.

I have a general idea of how to do it, but i would like to verify it with you experts. I have the following plan in mind.

  • create the materials in the plant with the necesary views.
  • create the equipments (for the serial numbered materials. link the equipments to the material and serial number).
  • create the batches with the correct values in the characteristics.
  • upload the materials into stock (whether it's quality stock or unrestricted or...). depending on the stock type, use different movement types.
  • activate QM inspection type in the materials. I read somewhere that this would generate the inspection lots for the batches in QI stock? I didnt confirm this in our system yet.

It's an awfully short list. Would this be sufficient according to you?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards, Peter