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Dec 19, 2013 at 07:09 AM

Initial Load jobs failing while loading cluster table BSEG into HANA


Hi Experts,

Need urgent help on initial loading of cluster table BSEG.

Below are the statistics of my replication activity -

My SLT version is 2011_1_731 sp 5.

BSEG table level statistics- 176779953 records present

Jobs in SLT

DTL jobs - 5

Initial jobs - 4

Calculation jobs - 5

My calculation of 9 access plans ran fine but my initial load jobs started failing and in application logs with a structure mismatch clause.

Though in load statistics tab it shows some records read but it shows 0 records in HANA Studio.

Please find attached the error screenshots captured from my end.

Kindly suggest if there is any way to carry out any repairs and resume from loading directly if possible.


Saritha K