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Dec 18, 2013 at 11:10 PM

Mapping issue with context changed



I have an IDOC to XML interface, and these are the structures:

Source (IDOC sender)

Target (XML receiver)

For each E1EDP01, a "Concepto" segment must be created:

My issue is on "comentario" field, where my logic must be like this:

When I have more than one E1EDP01 with different E1EDPT2 with different values (including Y040) the data is not being populated correctly.

I tried playing with different context change for each file but doesn't seems to work.

Can anyone please tell me how can this be done? I am unable to solve it!

I am attaching an IDOC example (xml format), IDOC structure (xsd format) and also the target structure (xsd format) if required all as TXT attached. You can rename to .xsd if you need to import it anywhere.

Thanks in advanced!


IDOC (4.3 kB)
IDOC source.jpg (133.7 kB)
IDOC target.jpg (50.7 kB)
concepto.jpg (7.0 kB)
comentario.jpg (18.5 kB)