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Dec 18, 2013 at 05:24 PM

Result table in Status Overview tab of Employee Documents view


Hi All,

We upgraded our system from Ehp4 support pack 06 to 14 and facing a weird issue in Performance Appraisals.


When Manager opens Employee Documents view, result table (ALV Table) is empty with message "Table does not contain visible columns" and beside Status Overview it shows zero records (0). Which is fine.

When manager selects required quick search and click on Apply button then Status Overview tab shows number of records say (12) beside its name but ALV Table still empty without showing records.

It populates records only when user goes to another tab (like In Planning) and come back to Status Overview or select another View from drop down and then come back to [Standard View]

Below screen shows there are 12 records but not shown in the ALV table.

But when navigate to other tab and then come back its showing the records