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Dec 18, 2013 at 04:23 PM

Credit Exposure mismatch between FD33 & F.31/F.35


Hello Experts,

We are trying to get a report with Correct Credit exposure for all our customers. Currently, system does a static credit check considering Open Deliveries, Open Billing & Open AR to calculate total Credit

Below is our current setup -

- Credit Control area has an update set as '000012'

- Automatic Credit control setting with Static check, no check for Sales orders, open deliveries is checked

Today, when Credit exceeds the limit the delivery document is blocked and released later thru VKM1

Issue is getting a good report with Correct Credit exposure or Credit limit used -

FD33 is considering only open AR in "Cred. lim. used" field and does not have any value in 'Sales value" (only in "Receivables")

Reports like F.31 and F.35 calculate "Credit exposure" considering Open Sales orders, Open deliveries, Open Billing and Open AR ..........we do not want system to consider open Sales orders in the report

Can you please provide some inputs?