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Dec 18, 2013 at 03:40 PM

Cannot connect to Mobile server through Worskpace - SMP 2.3


Hi friends,

Here is the situation. Our partner has bought SMP 2.3 server as standalone installation with one development and test licence. I downloaded SAP Mobile SDK 2.3 from Marketplace and installed it as evaluation. I approach the SMP server through VPN and can get SAP Control Center or ping server through command prompt but I cannot make connection through SAP Mobile Workspace nor with Telnet. If I try to Test connection it hang for infinite and give No responding massage and if try do connect directly it's just stays on Connecting 0% and nothing happens.

There is no firewall locally installed on servers machine and on VPN I go with account with no firewall restrictions. I tried to increase servers Max memory heap to 4096M and restarted it but always is the same.

I'm running low on ideas here so please help.