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Dec 18, 2013 at 03:43 PM

Query on calculation context


Hi Team,

In my inventory cube the stock values are stored at plant level and the stock quantities are stored at plant and storage location or at plant level. The column P1/Not assigned indicates that there is no storage location available for that record.

The data set will look like below

plant storage location Material stock value stock qty P1 P1/Not assigned Mat1 1257.34 0 P1 P1/Not assigned Mat2 7361.3 1 P1 P1/Not assigned Mat3 13.48 0 P1 P1/Not assigned Mat4 377.9 0 P1 P1/Not assigned Mat5 273.5 0 P1 P1/C01 Mat3 0 30 P1 P1/C01 Mat5 0 0 P1 P1/C03 Mat1 0 1 P1 P1/C03 Mat4 0 41 P1 P1/C07 Mat5 0 6

The expected output looking at webi level is

Plant storage location Total stock value total stock qty P1 P1/not assigned 7361.3 1 P1 P1/C01 13.48 30 P1 P1/C03 1635.24 42 P1 P1/C07 273.5 6

To achieve above result I tried to calculate the unit price for each material then multiply with the quantity

The formula I used to calculate unit price is (stock value in (plant,material)/ stock qty in(plant,material))

Total stock value = stock qty * unit price , When used this formula on the block I am getting the total stock value as 9286.53 which is the total stock value for the entire plant. Where as I am trying to calculate the total value for each plant and storage location level.

Can anybody give some input on the calculation context can be used to get the above result.