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Dec 18, 2013 at 02:02 PM

PO release workflow when PO chnaged



my requirement is on po release when po created.

1. i copied standard workflow WS20000075 and triggered workflow for event CHANGED with BUS2012.

2.release stratagy is also maintain for po release.

3. i have 5 level of approvals (USER1, USER2,USER3..etc)

so do i need to do agent assignment in task TS20000166 (SINGLERELEASE) or i will outomatically get approval details from release stratagy.

4. after approval of USER1 will it automatically trigger workflow for next level of approval USER2 based on release stratagy or do we need to

loop it for next level of approval.

5.from some forums i came to know that there are some settings required to trigger workflow for po release in SPRO . so these settings are onfiguered by functional people or technical consultant.

please guide me if i am going wrong.

please answer these questions.