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Dec 18, 2013 at 01:03 PM

Error VL400 - Legal Control in spite of domestic order


Hello Experts

I am getting an Error VL400 - Legal control while creating a delivery with refernce to an Order. This is in spite of using a domestic scenario with Plant, Customer and Country of origin on material all in the same country, and no other Foreign Trade data (eg. Commodity Code) maintained on the material master.

Requesting help on what the possible problem could be.

My order is not visible in VE31. Control Data cannot be maintained for my order and I get error "No document Item matches selection criteria"

Legal Regulations and assigned by country - are not maintained for my country.

Product Classification by country, country groups, country classifications, etc have no entry for my country.

Foreign Trade Data by Country of destination is maintained for my country as "Free Trade".

Please do let me know if you have some pointers.

Thank You!