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Oct 19, 2005 at 01:04 PM

Offline Reporting with Excel? --> complete Report +hierarchy possible?


Hi people!

I’m new in SAP BW and I have a question regarding BEX. My goal is to get a complete Excel report that contains all the data and has a working hierarchy structure without connection to BW!

I generated a report with Query Designer whose data are represented in several hierarchy levels (option in row-header).





After the execution of the query in BEX Analyzer or in the web, only the highest level (date) is indicated. If I open the next levels, the data are reloaded of the BW each time.

But I’d like to load the data completely despite hierarchy (Transaction RSRT and then properties “load all data” is selected).

Ok to get all the data, I could change the option in Query Designer to open all the levels after the first load, but the hierarchy levels should be closed at the first time.

<u>My Question is:</u>

Is there a possibility to get all the data offline in Excel with working hierarchy levels? It’s important for me to get a complete report without connection to BW and so the people can navigate also offline, e.g. open a lower hierarchy level with all the data.

After saving my report as *.xls-file, the report contains only the part of the shown results and the hierarchy symbols have no function.

I don’t need any symbols in offline report. I think, the excel function “group by” would enough for my requirements. But I don’t know how can I use this function with my data after running the query.

In SAP R/3 the same is possible automatically, when a report will be generate.

I have tried to find responses here in forum. But the search is unfortunately a little complicated and the results were not satisfactory.

- Why I can’t get a list of the main-topic’s?

- How can I get satisfactory results for multiple words?

OK, I have read something about OLE and BSP, but I hope to find an easier solution without programming.

Maybe the tool XL Reporter would be a solution, but we have no Business One licence. Unfortunately, current links for download a free version (I don’t know if its free), which I found here in the forum are not working for me. What’s wrong with XL Reporter?

I would be glad about helpful replies.