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Dec 18, 2013 at 09:23 AM

GRC Requirement - Very New


Hi All,

I got a requirement from the client for GRC workflow implementation.

We have one workflow, say create user workflow with 3 stages.

1. Manager

2. Business Owner

3. GRC admin

Workflow is working fine, users are getting created and no issues with this. In our client environment, when a user is created in SAP, then only they can assign some business workflow is assigned to the user and this is common for all users of SAP. So they asked me, once the user gets created through auto provisioning after the GRC admin stage, they need another stage after GRC admin stage to continue and in that stage there will be the team who are responsible for that stage and will assign business workflow for the user in SAP system and then close the stage and then the workflow gets completed.

Basically they need one or two stages after auto provisioning is completed in GRC. Is this scenario possible?

Auto Provisioning at the end of the request - Once all the paths in the workflow are approved, auto provisioning happens

Auto Provisioning at the end of the path - Auto provisioning happens individually for each path.

Anyone came across this kind of scenario? Even though not come across, need your expert advice on this kind of approach and also possibility to implement in the system.