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Dec 18, 2013 at 08:46 AM

One Inbound delivery with multiple shipment


Dear experts,

I would like to seek for help on below scenario:

- When a purchase order takes place, which is 100 Ton for example. The purchaser need to arrange the transporter to the seller's site to pick the 100 Ton. However, purchaser and logistic do not know how the transporter arrange their truck (since every truck will have different capacity, eg 2 ton and 2.5 ton). As a result, the purchaser will create a single inbound delivery with the PO quantity (100 Ton).

Now the questions are:

1. is there a possibility for us to create Multiple shipment for a single INBOUND delivery order?

2. if 1. is not possible, any best practice way can we adapt into this scenario?

3. The shipment cost is actually calculated based on the 100 Ton of delivery regardless the number of trucks. If we split the inbound delivery, then we will have problem also to split the shipment cost. Any suggestion on this?

Thank you guys. <removed by moderator>

Thanks in a million.

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