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Dec 18, 2013 at 07:40 AM

Cloudshare Hana Trial Login not possible, doesn't work properly


Hi All,

I successfully subscribed to the trial on Cloudshare, have access to the machines, can connect Hana Studio with Hana server, browse content, create repositories etc. etc.

But as soon as I want to open an URL I'm experiencing, at least, two different problems:

  1. The form based login doesn't work, I'm forwarded to a login form, but this ones doesn't send back any content - e.g. looks like this then…

  2. If I switch to basic authentication in my own app leveraging .xsaccess I can finally login and see my own simple content, but I can't access e.g. although I'm now logged in. The page returns 0 content again, like the first login approach.

Very strange behaviour and I can't find any corresponding log providing any hint.

Thus I can't neither open the web based IDE nor access examples because all these return with 0 content.

I can see them all in Hana Studio in the content view nevertheless.

Besides this whole setup is slow and unresponsive, not really marketing this, apart form the points above, nice architecture approach.

Cheers & Thanks for any help!