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Dec 17, 2013 at 09:35 PM

Stock stuck in QI


For FERT material 04 inspection is active. Control of 04 - Early lot creation. WM is active in finished storage location.

WM do good reciept for process order using scanner. In this case they have done couple of 500 KG entry. Early Inspection lot created for 25,000 KG quantity. After all GR from WM store recieved 23,500 KG in stock.

In QA02 QC manager changed actual lot quantity to 23,000 KG and finally they posted 23,000 KG stock from QI to UNR. UD has been made for lot.

Now issue is 500 KG still there at storage location. How to post that 500 KG in unrestricted? I already tied following 4 options.

1) First I tried to do MB1B - 321, but system says change stock in QM only.

2) We have not implemented revoke UD (SAP note solution) in our system. Our business is not agree to implement that note program, so even that is not in consideration.

3) In our case Each 500 KG reciept created new document. So I pick last document and tried to cancel but system says "You can't cancel GR, since inspection lot is already partially posted."

4) I tried to do MB31 - 102 movement but system says - Change the inspection stock of material xxxxx in QM only.

Please suggest option how can I post stock in UNR or move stock from QI.