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Dec 17, 2013 at 08:19 PM

Component sequence in Goods Movement Screen-C015


Hi All,

I may need few inputs on the issue

Details :

During production order confirmation CO15,the component sequence is not retained with multiple batch splits as in the production order


Say I have a finished item X ,it has A,B and C

B is batch managed

Production order when created for X
,will have component 1 A+10 B+1C

Based on existing stock situation and batch split ,if the quanity for B gets split as 1A+5BatchB+2BatchB+3BatchB+1C

when confirming using CO15, the production order for the above order ,if the components in goods movement change its sequence as


How we can retain the components sequence ,same as in Production order in goods movement screen of production order???

I tried working with confirmation parameters ,didn't get any use of it..

Please suggest ,if their is any workaround,

configuration or User Exits to be applied?

thanks and regards,