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Dec 17, 2013 at 04:04 PM

How can I have column of data and a crosstab export to same rows in xlsx format?


CRVS2010, SP7. I have report that contains a single column of data and to its right, a crosstab. I know at report design time how may rows the cross tab will produce, the number of columns is variable. Sort of like this:

My Column CrossTab Col 1 CrossTab Col 2
CrossTab Col n My Row 1 CrossTab Row1 Col1 CrossTab Row1 Col2 CrossTab Row1 Col n My Row 2 CrossTab Row2 Col1 CrossTab Row2 Col2 CrossTab Row2 Col n

When I export to PDF, it looks as it does above.

When I export to xlxs, I get the cross tab, then below it I get my column. I want all the rows (my row 1, crosstab row 1) in the same Excel row. Is this possible and if so, how do I accomplish it?

If I set MaintainRelativeObjectPosition = true in my export options, My column actually appears as a column, but below the cross tab data.

If I set MaintainRelativeObjectPosition= false in my export options, My column ends up in a single excel row, again below the cross tab data.

Neither of these is what I have in mind.

I have experimented with spacing of My Column and the crosstab, butting them up next to each other (although this is difficult to determine with the crosstab) as well as spacing them apart. I believe I have the heights of all the rows the same.