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Dec 17, 2013 at 12:56 PM

MRP Profile change issues


Hi SAP Gurus,

need your suggestions on the below issue -

User XXX1 has changed the MRP profile today. It will trigger a background Job name " PROFILE" at the defined time in customizing say 22:00 IST. after the Job is run we see that this user (XXX1) has some authorizations for plants P001,P002 etc: in the spool. therefore, since the changes to the MRP profile is incomplete, it will run background job in the suceeding days ( same time 22:00 IST ) also until the MRP profiles are updated with the User XXX1 ??

Also, while the above update is not completed yet. User XXX2 has done some changes to the MRP profiles on next day. So how will the system behave. pls suggeston the following points

1) Since the changes done by the User XXX1 is not complete yet, will the changes by User XXX2 be sucessful.

2) Since there will still be a scheduled job daily for the unfinished MRP profile updates how will the new changes be dealed. will the new changes will be processed by this job only? what will the user name which will still be executing this Job XXX1 or XXX2 ?

Please let me know if you need anymore information.

Thanks in advance.